Thursday, June 8, 2017

Book Review: SIX ZEROS By LP Lovell & Stevie J Cole

One contract.
Two guys.
Three players.
Four strikes.
Five rules.
Six zeros.
Seven days.
No safe words.
Are you game?

Six Zeros is book six in The Game Series. This series is dark, intense and twisted! The authors are sadist who like to mess with our heads.

This story continues to twist and turn, playing with our minds. Ella state of mind is questionable at this point. She's still in the game but who the hell knows how she's holding on. Three has his turn with Ella and it's messy. Preston's feelings for Ella only become stronger. He's ready to take her away. The ending leaves us unsettled. I think I'm going to start pulling my hair out if I don't get book seven soon! 5 Stars

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