Monday, May 1, 2017

Book Review: Lovestruck by Lila Monroe

One week in paradise with the one man I can’t resist…

Will Cassidy is hot, infuriating, and the guy behind the biggest heart-stomping humiliation of my life. He’s also hosting my BFF’s destination wedding at his super-luxe tropical resort, so short of a hurricane or outbreak of the plague (here’s hoping), I’m stuck within t̶o̶n̶g̶u̶e̶’s̶ arm's reach of him for the next seven days.

But I’m not a naive college girl anymore, and there’s no way I’m falling for his (many) charms again. I just have to ignore the romantic wedding shenanigans, his miraculous abs, all those intimate beach sunsets... And did I mention those abs?

Maybe a wild vacation fling is exactly what I need to even the score... But between the scorching chemistry and all-inclusive margaritas, I’m getting drunk on love. Which definitely isn’t part of the plan.

Can I keep my heart zipped - even if my bikini bottoms are lost somewhere on that nude beach? And how do you let go of the past when you’re holding on tight to the past’s (very ripped) torso? 

Lovestruck is a sexy second-chance romantic comedy. There's plenty of laughs, sexual tension and angst before you get to the happy tears. It all began with a love letter that sadly went astray. It's five years later and the once friends are reunited for their friends destination wedding.

Ruby Walters is on her way to her best friends destination wedding when she runs into an ex-college friend, Will Cassidy. Will is the one person she never intended to see again after he hurt her deeply. To her further dismay she discovers Will is heading to the same wedding. Ruby wants to stay away from Will but he keeps finding ways of catching her attention. It also doesn't hurt that he's drool worthy.  Ruby decides that a fling won't hurt as long as she keeps her heart out of the equation.

Lovestruck has it's share of misunderstandings that drive a wedge between Ruby and Will. But misunderstanding aren't the only things that get in the way, so does strip pool games, fire alarms and jelly fish. Can the Ruby and Will write over the bad stuff and moving forward with the good?

The story sucked me in. Half way through the book I couldn't put it down until I was finished. The angst had me on edge but there were plenty of happy tears by the end. 5 Stars!

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