Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Review: Five Rules by L.P. Lovell & Stevie J. Cole

Five Rules
How many days does it take to lose yourself? To forget what you once were? Day five and I don’t even know who I was before Tobias and Preston. Perhaps nothing more than a lost little lamb wandering aimlessly through life. But now I’m their little lamb, their sweet Ella. I belong to the two men who I want to own me, who defile my body and mind in the most tempting of ways. I crave their sin…but it’s all a game, isn’t it? A game of morality and deceit, of perversion and greed. They make me do things I never thought I would, they have me at their mercy with every touch, each kiss.

All I want to do is please them. I fear what I’ll become in the end, their little monster, their rabid wolf with blood-stained teeth.

Two more days before time runs out. One contract. Two guys. Three players. Four strikes. Five rules. Six zeros. Seven days. No safe words.

Are you game?

I have no idea where this story is going. It’s twisted and dark. I probably can’t say twisted enough. It’s the fifth day and the sex is still out of control. Fantasies be damned compared to this installment. I think I need a cold shower after reading Five Rules. The story continues to boggle my mind. The fifth challenge left me saying WTF? I think the authors love torturing us with eye-twitching cliffhangers.

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