Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Book Review: Screwmates by Kayti McGee


I knew from the first time I saw Marc Kirby that I was screwed.

Big eyes, scruffy face, brown curls – yes, yes, and yes. The man is wicked hot.

He’s also my roommate, and since I work nights and he’s at class all day – it’s like living alone at half the rent.

Then an unexpected night off turns into an unexpected morning in Marc’s bed, but it turns out we can't even figure out the screwing.

This is not great news for Marc who’s going on a “bangcation” at the end of the summer – a whole month in France that he’s planned to spend getting busy with the women of Paris.

It’s also not great news for me for obvious reasons.

With both of us needing work on our skills, there’s only one logical solution to our predicament.

Told you I was screwed.

Warning: Screwmates should not be read while consuming a beverage. I laughed so hard my drink shot right out of my nose. It's OMG funny! It's a fun story with the right about of wit and banter.

Madison, a socially awkward graphic artist/aspiring comic artist has moved in with Marc Kirby, PhD/future History professor. The very first time they meet Madison introduces herself head first into Marc's crotch. Six month later, Marc has graduated with his PhD and has more time to get to know his roommate. 

They are both mutually attracted to each other but between their awkwardness and mishaps they can't get it together. They agree to work on their seduction techniques since it would benefit them both. Marc has planned a 'bangcation' in France to make up for lost time while studying and can use the practice. Madison desperately needs help with lingerie, it's time to put away the superhero bra and panties (cap included) and move on to a more seductive/grown-up look. Madison may have taken things a little too far when she loosely documents their awkward moments in a sitcomic called Screwmates that she shares with her followers. Can these two figure out how to seduce each other so they can get to banging or is there no hope for the awkwardly challenged? Madison also may have forgotten to share her sitcomic with Marc, awkward! 

Grab a glass of wine, a bowl of fruit loops and get ready to laugh out loud! 5 Stars!

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