Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Crave by B.J. Harvey


I have a craving.
A dark urge I’ve failed to resist despite years of trying to do that very thing.
I’ve forced myself to hide behind a mask, a perfect orchestration to hide my true self.
After I met her, my wants and needs, my inner most desires changed.
She encouraged me to embrace who I truly am, and she was willing to do anything and everything I wanted, giving herself to satisfy my most carnal appetite.
Then everything in my carefully managed world came crashing down around me. A moment in time, a loss of control, and the very thing I cherish was nearly taken from me.
My fate now lies in her hands.
The very life I’ve built for myself…everything I’ve ever done now waits in purgatory, all caused by a lack of focus at a time when my most concentrated attention was needed.
The very thing I crave may now be the end of me.

BJ Harvey taunts us with secrets, twists, and hidden agendas.

Callum Alexander is a man of mystery, he wears a public mask to hide his true nature. He has a certain proclivity that he keeps to himself. 

"Very few people get an insight into the real Callum Alexander- my family and my best friend, but that's all. Everyone else gets this Callum, the well-respected, well-regarded, successful man living the American dream."
Callum momentarily meets Lucia and feels a spark. After a second chance meeting  they finding themselves drawn to each other, Callum and Lucia fall into a steamy relationship, however Callum keeps his true nature to himself, fearing the worst. 

That's until a scorned reporter, who's advances were rebuffed by Callum, decides to unravel the enigma.  Callums world begin to shatter. His business is jeopardized. When he reveals his dark secret to Lucia, will she accept the real man or run for safety?

The story was hard to put down, a real page turner. It was angsty with a touch of adrenaline. I loved Lucia's strength and fighter attitude.She knows what she wants and doesn't step aside because of Callum's fears. You're going to love her. The ending is a twist with a hidden agenda. 

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