Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review: Alphas Love Curves (Curves Envy, #1) by Scarlett Avery

Alphas Love Curves (Curves Envy, #1)

After partying her head off to forget yet another bad boyfriend, curvy girl Candy Westerman accepts her best friend’s invitation to brunch on a sunny Sunday morning hoping to shake off the latest drama in her dating life.

Little did she know a debonair and dangerously sexy stranger would turn her world upside down the second she lays eyes on him.

Although she’s instantly attracted to the ruggedly handsome hunk, she chooses to brush off the chance encounter as a one-time thing and does her best to erase the stranger’s devastating smile from her memory.

Determined to move on with her life, she loses herself in her daily routine and the work she loves.

It’s business as usual until a date to have drinks with her out of town cousin Trish puts her unexpectedly face-to-face with her mysterious admirer.

When Max Keller, a domineering Billionaire Alpha Male, catches sight of Candy’s luscious curves, all best are off.

How can casual drinks turn into a night of unspoken raunchiness on the forty-first floor of a swanky New York hotel?

"Honey, I'm not fat, I'm so freaking sexy it overflows,"

This is the first of a four part series. I love mini-series and this one starts off finger banging good! Yes, curvy girls can have fun and I love it.

Candice Westerman has been choosing the wrong men. She a big girl, although she's lost 90 lbs since she promised her grandmother she would take care of herself. Candy fights with low self esteem. She has had a love-hate relationship with her body, she doesn't see past her curves and continues to pick the wrong men. Candy has focused a lot on her career and is now a successful plus-size editor at Sassy magazine. She also has some pretty awesome friends, who are willing to drop everything to stand by her side. I don't want to forget about Leanardo DiCaprio, her beautiful white Turkish Angora who also loves her unconditionally.

After Candy's last man fiasco, she's grown weary of men and their intentions.  After a brief encounter with a man during lunch with a friend, she finds herself running into him again and flashing him at a bar. Things heat up fast. Maximiliano Tomas Adrian Keller has Candy quickly melting in his arms. The story burns up the pages with Max's controlling ways and dirty mouth.  Will this one time encounter be enough when Max's secret is revealed? We'll have to wait till book 2 to find out!

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