Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review: Curvy Girls Do It Better (Curves Envy #2) by Scarlett Avery

Curvy Girls Do It Better (Curves Envy, #2)

After her hotter than hell hook up with a dirty-talking billionaire hunk, Candy finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place.

She's wrestling with her desire to maintain professional decorum and her insatiable lust for Max, the incredibly hot alpha male who seduces her on the forty-first floor of a luxury New York City hotel.

When Max invites Candy to his penthouse for dinner, a casual evening turns into a night of blissful passion.

When Max opens up about his own deep dark secret, Candy falls even harder for the alpha male billionaire seducer.

Their steamy relationship gives no sign of slowing down until Max's untamed desire to gorge on Candy's luscious curves puts them in an incredibly awkward situation.

Have Max & Candy crossed the line of decency?

Their relationship is all hot & bothered, but does this kinky affair threaten Candy’s livelihood? 

"Let's get one thing straight. From now on, I control your pleasure."

WOW, Scarlett Avery has turned up the heat! All the sudden the temperature of my room elevated by ten degrees! If you want a hot, panty melting action, read this series! Be warned: Spoiler Alert if you haven't read book 1.

The story picks up with Candy making a decision to meet Max for dinner even though she was angry that he had hidden the truth. Their dinner is a turning point when Candy discovers that Max can't truly get enough of her. She continues to struggle with her insecurities about weight but Max does a great job seducing her.

"Your beautiful body is mine for the taking and I intend on having you the way I want-hard and rough."
Max is all brute alpha to the core! He rocks Candy's world but also opens up and reveals his heartbreaking past. Candy continues to hold back, still afraid of being hurt. The cliff hanger makes me happy that I already have book three ready to read! 

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