Friday, February 27, 2015

*****Review***** The Surrender Gate (Desire Exchange #1) by Christopher Rice

The Surrender Gate (Desire Exchange, #1)

Emily Blaine's life is about to change. Arthur Benoit, the kindly multi-millionaire who has acted as her surrogate father for years, has just told her he's leaving her his entire estate, and he only has a few months to live. Soon Emily will go from being a restaurant manager with a useless English degree to the one of the richest and most powerful women in New Orleans. There's just one price. Arthur has written a letter to his estranged son Ryan he hopes will mend the rift between them, and he wants Emily to deliver the letter before it's too late. But finding Ryan won't be easy. He's been missing for years. He was recently linked to a mysterious organization called The Desire Exchange. But is The Desire Exchange just an urban legend? Or are the rumors true? Is it truly a secret club where the wealthy can live out their most private sexual fantasies?

 It's a task Emily can't undertake alone. But there's only one man qualified to help her, her gorgeous and confident best friend, Jonathan Claiborne. She's suspected Jonathan of working as a high-priced escort for months now, and she's willing to bet that while giving pleasure to some of the most powerful men in New Orleans, Jonathan has uncovered some possible leads to The Desire Exchange—and to Ryan Benoit. But Emily's attempt to uncover Jonathan's secret life lands the two of them in hot water. Literally. In order to escape the clutches of one of Jonathan's most powerful and dangerous clients, they're forced to act on long buried desires—for each other.

When Emily's mission turns into an undercover operation, Jonathan insists on going with her. He also insists they continue to explore their impossible, reckless passion for each other. Enter Marcus Dylan, the hard-charging ex-NAVY Seal Arthur has hired to keep Emily safe. But Marcus has been hired for another reason. He, too, has a burning passion for Emily, a passion that might keep Emily from being distracted and confused by a best friend who claims he might be able to go straight just for her. But Marcus is as rough and controlling as Jonathan is sensual and reckless. As Emily searches for a place where the rich turn their fantasies into reality, she will be forced to decide which one of her own long-ignored fantasies should become her reality. But as Emily, Jonathan, and Marcus draw closer to The Desire Exchange itself, they find their destination isn't just shrouded in mystery, but in magic as well

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After reading the blurb, I was intrigued. This is my first foray into the paranormal genre and I absolutely loved it! Emily Blaine's life is going to change, that may be the understatement of the year. Emily will be inheriting Arthur Benoit's estate. In order for her to feel worthy of receiving the enormous inheritance, Emily assists Arthur with contacting his long-lost son. After Emily literally falls into the middle of her friend Jonathon's date with George Dugas, their adventure begins.
Emily is a strong woman who thinks too much because she was raised to fear the world. Jonathon also suffers from what had occurred in his past. They are best friends, however they had confused their feelings for each other for something more. When Marcus Dylan is assigned to Emily to keep her safe, she discovers Marcus offers more than just safety. While on their quest to find Ryan Benoit (Arthur's son), they experience an encounter at the Desire Exchange. The Desire Exchange provides a mind opening, magical experience.

'The Surrender Gate' is an erotic, suspense-filled romance with a sensual touch of paranormal. I enjoyed how the relationships evolved. They have complicated pasts that give depth to their character. We follow Emily's story of self-discovery and acceptance while on a mission to reunite a father and son. She is joined by Jonathon, who is her safety net, and Marcus who draws her out. In the end it's the Desire Exchange assists in revealing Emily's truth. The journey isn't over yet! There are still many unanswered questions. I'm hooked!


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