Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: Unforgivable Sin (Escort, #2) by Isabel Lucero

Unforgivable Sin by Isabel Lucero

In book two of The Escort Series, Troy Thompson and Emilie Watson are finally admitting their feelings and thinking about giving a relationship a try.

What happens, though, when being an escort in Sin City isn’t the only problem to worry about when starting a new relationship?

Someone from Troy’s past is back. Carla was the love of his life, his ex-fiancĂ©, and the woman who committed what most consider an unforgivable sin. A sin that forced him to believe he’d never love or trust another woman again.

With Carla doing her best to convince Troy that she’s changed, and showing up to his house with talks of friendship, Emilie is left to wonder if her and Troy’s connection is strong enough to withstand the return of his past.

Is Carla truly back to heal old wounds, and get closure on their relationship? Or is she back to do whatever’s necessary to be the only woman in Troy’s life?

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This is Troy and Emilie's story and it's an interesting story indeed.  Troy has trust issues which he developed after his previous engagement went sour. Troy decides to commit to a relationship with Emilie by quitting his job as an escort.  Unfortunately, Carla (Troy's ex fiancee) returns after 5 years to try and win back Troy.  It turns out Carla is nuts!!!  She lies about her parents in order to sneak her way back into Troy's life. Carla befriends Emilie, STALKER!! The story takes a scary turn and reveals how much Troy cares for Emilie.  There's twists and turns, hot scenes, hot tempers and lots of emotions.


"Thank you for being stupid enough to chat on a wonderful man and putting him back on the market for me to find." Emilie smiles at Carla. "Because of our unfaithfulness, Troy will now be able to experience what a real relationship is like; a relationship that doesn't revolve around only one person,  A relationship that doesn't consist of lies and dishonesty, but instead built on friendship.  He'll know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally."
-Unforgivable Sin, Isabel Lucero

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