Thursday, October 31, 2019

Book Review: Bailey (Confessions, #6) by Ella Frank

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Black and white. Right and wrong.
That’s how Craig Bailey has always lived his life.
The son of a fallen, decorated police officer,
He’s had no choice but to follow the rules.
Until he met the ultimate bad boy
and decided to follow him instead.

Henri Boudreaux is everything Bailey never knew he wanted.
Mysterious, sexy, and hiding more secrets than friends.
He’s exactly the kind of man Bailey knows could break his heart.

But there’s a vulnerability to Henri that calls to Bailey.
A longing for a connection that Bailey is unable to resist.
And while Bailey has always lived his life on the straight and narrow, he is now beginning to understand that falling in love is never so black and white.

Bailey is the sixth book in the Confessions series and it is off the wall HOT! If you haven't, you will want to first read Henri the fifth book in the Confessions series.  Bailey picks up where Henri left off.

Craig Bailey and Henri Boudreaux have an intense connection right from the start. However their lives couldn't be any or different. Bailey is an upstanding 'hot cop', while Henri has a dark past. Can their chemistry move past Henri's hidden secrets? Can Bailey break down his walls?

WOW! The connection between Henri and Baily had my blood pumping. Bailey finds himself because of Henri. Henri puts everything on the line for love. There so much goodness and feels. I love this story. 5 Stars

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