Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book Review: Away From Me by Lexi Blake


Shattered by the loss of his wife, Callum Reed is a man surrounded by rules designed to protect him. He rebuilds his life with careful discipline, but can’t deny what he feels when he meets the lovely Gabrielle Sullivan. She’s everything he wants in a woman, but he views all relationships as contractual. Despite her misgivings, Gaby signs his contract and becomes his perfect partner. Until the night she breaks his cardinal rule.

After three years of perfect obedience, Gaby declares she wants love and she isn’t settling for less. Love isn’t in their contract, so Cal lets her go. But Gaby has a secret reason for leaving. When Cal discovers the truth, nothing will stop him from following her.

On a secluded island paradise, Callum will do anything to prove he’s the perfect husband for his defiant love.

Away From Me made me feel all the emotions! It's a second chance love story filled with emotional gusto. This book was hard to put down, I hung on every page.  

Gabrielle Sullivan ended her three contract/relationship with Callum Reed after he was unable to declare his love for her. Unbeknownst to Cal, Gaby had a secret reason for leaving. When Cal discovers Gaby's secret he unleashes his feelings and goes after the woman who made his life worth living. 

Oh the tears! Gaby broke my heart and Cal put it back together. The story is beautiful and heartwarming.  Cal is all Alpha drool worthy and Gaby is fiercely brave. So good. 5 Stars

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