Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Book Review: Two is a Lie by Pam Godwin

Two is a Lie (Tangled Lies, #2)
Two lies.
Two men who don’t share.

I never stopped loving Cole. Not when he left me. Not when he disappeared for three years. Not when he crashed back into my life in a violent explosion of testosterone and fury.
His sudden reappearance questions everything I thought I knew, including how I came to love another man.

Trace is an intoxicating breeze of seduction over ice. My rock. My second chance at forever.
And he’s committed to annihilating the competition.

The battle that ensues wrenches me back and forth between them.
Fighting and fucking.
Resisting and submitting.

Together, they entangle me in a web of lies, rivalry, and desire that weaves as deeply as their devotion to me.

I love two men, and if I can only have one, I choose none.
The TANGLED LIES series must be read in order.
One is a Promise
Two is a LieThree is a War


Two is a Lie is the second book in the Tangled Lies Series. It should not be read as a standalone. The ending is another cliffy that had me turning the pages looking for any hint, any crumb, any anything of what's to come! I feel like I'm in the middle of a love/hate relationship with the characters. I am on Team Danni! We need answers! Yes, this book has riled me up. It's that good!

Danni is faced with a crushing decision, Trace or Cole? "Cole, My first love. My greatest loss. My second chance stands beside me, his expression as naked as his upper body, chilling in the cold mist. Trace. He's supposed to be my new beginning. My future." Danni is engaged to two men. She makes the decision to return their engagement rings and date them both.

Danni struggles, she love them both. Trace and Cole have a past that they are unable to share with Danni. However their past comes back, bites them in the butt and leaves them both out in the cold.

The triangle is pretty intense. The heartache is crushing. The heat will singe your panties.  I can't wait for Three is a War. I need closure. I'm hoping for a threesome. 5 Stars!

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