Friday, June 30, 2017

Book Review: Holden by Julia Sykes

Holden (Dark Grove Plantation)
One look at the gorgeous, curvy brunette standing alone at BDSM club Dark Grove Plantation, and I know she’s mine. She thinks that her desires are twisted and wrong, but I intend to show her how good my harsher methods of seduction can feel. It’s in my nature to dominate, to claim. I have every intention of claiming Holly, body and soul. And if her bastard ex tries to come back for her, he’ll find out just how harsh I can be when someone threatens what’s mine.

Note: An earlier version of this story was released under the title Awakened. It has been extensively re-written as Holden.

Insta-love BDSM style! Holden is a short and sexy love story. Julia Sykes does not hold back on the heat.

Holly initially attends the Dark Grove Plantation BDSM club with her boyfriend Brad until he has a few too many drinks and dumps her. This opens up an opportunity for Holden to swoop in and take charge of Holly's submission. However there's one lingering issue, Brad and his bruised ego don't go away quietly.

I loved this quick, sexy insta-love story. 5 Stars

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