Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book Review: Dr. ER by Max Monroe

Dr. ER (St. Luke's Docuseries, #2)

The word ‘serious’ isn’t in Dr. Shepard’s vocabulary—at least not when it comes to relationships. He has all of the serious and drama he needs on the floor of the Emergency Department at St. Luke’s Hospital.

But when feisty, first-class flirt Harlow Paige comes into his ER, he might contract something he’s never encountered.

Look out, Scott…

Love is contagious.

Dr. ER is a humorous heart-warming story that should not be missed. I loved this story, the words just pop right off the page. The bantering had me smirking till my cheeks hurt.  It was hard to put down every stalking moment. The ending had it's drama but it's well worth the outcome. Get ready to fall in love with Dr. Scott Shepard, aka Dr. Erotic.

Harlow Paige is a victim of a sexcapade gone wrong that sends her to the ER and right into the hands of Dr. Scott Shepard. Scott immediately takes notice of his feisty patient but is left wanting more. 

Harlow is a gossip columnist and her recent acquaintance with Dr. Scott Shepard, aka Dr. Erotic from a new reality medical show, The Doctor Is In, makes for a good scoop.  Well that's until they meet again while escorting their parents to a musical. It doesn't take long for Scott to put two and two together, Bleeding Woman was none other than Frances Harlow Paige, Harlow Paige gossip columnist. Scott wasn't going to let another missed opportunity pass him by even if it meant chasing after this feisty woman until she concedes defeat.

Scott is an awesome character, he fights for love. It's an uphill battle but he doesn't stop. Harlow had planned to be Pediatrician until she had lost herself in a past boyfriend. Scott encourages her to pursue her dreams which caused a few teary-eye moments. It was beautiful and heartwarming. The story's flow is smooth transitioning from witty and humorous to angsty and heart-warming. 5 Stars!

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