Thursday, May 25, 2017

Book Review: Sexy Jerk by Kim Karr

Sexy Jerk

My best friend is married.
Everyone I know is married. It doesn’t bother me. I like my life the way it is.

Since I’m single though, when my best friend and her husband finally decide to go on their dream honeymoon, she asks me to watch their three-year-old son.

Of course I say yes.

What my best friend neglects to tell me is that I won’t be babysitting alone.

Feeling Max might be too much for me to handle, her husband asks his only single friend to help.

Nick Carrington and I have met a couple of dozen times. I’ve never really given him a second thought—other than to say he’s kind of a jerk. Out loud. So he can hear. Sure, he’s tall, dark, and handsome. And yes, he has the best ass I’ve ever seen, and I mean ever seen quite literally. You see he mooned me at last year’s Fourth of July barbecue because, like I said, he’s a jerk.

He always has to be the life of the party.
He’s also arrogant.
And a playboy.
I’d even go as far as to say he’s a manwhore.

Yet somehow before I know it, this manwhore and I are co-parenting. Living under the same roof. Eating meals together and yes, talking.

Don’t look at me like that—it’s not like I had a choice. Even though I knew every minute would be hell, I had to say yes.

But after two weeks what I didn’t expect to discover is that I’d been wrong about him.
That under his smart-ass exterior, he’s quite charming.
That his arrogance is really confidence.
And that the sight of his naked body would do really bad things to me.

So yes, I’d misjudged him. And yes, I like him. Really like him. Although I might still think he’s a jerk…I now think he’s a sexy jerk.
And I want more of him.

The question is—does he want more of me?

Sexy Jerk is a sweet, funny well paced romance. The characters are fueled by misconceptions but it all changes when they are thrown together for two weeks of babysitting duty.

Tess Winters was expecting to babysit her best friend's three year old son for two weeks alone. To her surprise Nick Carrington has been enlisted to help out. 

"He always has to be the life of the party. He's also arrogant. Rich. And a playboy."
Tess had broken up with her last boyfriend and is starting her life over. Tess is looking for a place to rent to start her own business but instead she ends up putting herself in harms way. After confiding in Nick she begins to discover he may not be such a jerk after all.

Nick and Tess begin to lower their walls when share the truth about their difficult pasts. An unexpected visit almost ends them before they had a chance to move forward.
"There is something wrong with me. I am different." I throw my leg over hers. "I'll take your different every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. It works great with mine." I loved Tess. She struggled to find herself, to be true to herself. Nick pulls Tess out of her sexual repression. He gave her her dirty back. 4 Stars

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