Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Book Review: Love's Addiction by Ozlo & Priya Grey

Love's Addiction
How do you go on living when everything’s been taken away from you?
You move… Far away… And bury the past…

But there’s something I can’t hide. When I land a new teaching job and stumble into class, I pray my students don’t notice I can barely hold myself together. But I can’t fool Colter. He sees right through me. He knows the truth that I’m fighting to keep a secret. I dismiss his attempts to help me. After all, I’m the teacher and he is my student. But Colter is hard to ignore with a strong, athletic frame matched equally by his intellect. I never suspected meeting outside of office hours would lead us down a path we can’t turn back from.

Football is my ticket to a better life. It’s predicted I may go Top-10 in the draft this year. Playing professionally will give me the chance to repay my father for all the sacrifices he’s made. My schoolwork has never been a distraction until I walk into Professor March’s class. The look in her eyes. The trembling of her hands. These are familiar signs of loved ones I have lost…ones I couldn’t save.

When I offer to help Professor March, I never intend to put my football career in jeopardy. Now my passion for winning on the field is equally matched by my desire for her.

I loved, loved every angsty addicting page. Love's Addiction is a beautiful story of heartache, struggle and acceptance. It's a heady mix of emotions and inspiration.

When Vanessa had everything she ever wanted taken from her in an instant, she decided to start over by accepting a teaching position at Midwestern university. Vanessa hoped by moving to a new place she'd be able to finish writing her second novel. She may have moved to escape her past but she wasn't able to escape her pain. Pain that she's drowning away with alcohol. 

Colter James is in his final year of college. He's a star football player with NFL opportunities nipping at his heals. That's if he can keep his focus on the game and not his Professor. 

Vanessa struggles with the impossibilities and almost loses her way.  She can't see past societal expectations until Colter sheds light on her talent. The story goes beyond a romance, as it tackles several prevalent social issues. The characters struggles are heartfelt and moving. In the end there's a HEA that will make you feel. 5 Stars

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