Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: Enemies Like You by Annika Martin and Joanna Chambers

Enemies like You  (Enemies with Benefits #1)

They're dangerous men. Absolute enemies. And totally hot for each other.

Will has never met anyone like Kit. He’s arrogant. Gorgeous. Lethal. The most expensive bodyguard money can buy.

And Will can’t seem to resist him.

A simple command in Kit's cut-glass accent makes Will want things he’s never wanted, do things he’s never done. Their red-hot chemistry is off the charts.

Just one problem: Will has vowed to kill the billionaire that Kit is hell-bent on protecting.

And Kit has secrets, too—his own reasons for sacrificing his soul, piece by painful piece, to keep one of the worst men on earth alive.

Two spies, two counties and one cause.

Enemies Like You is an intense, sexy spy romance that keeps you guessing until the end.

Will is working for the CIA in order to settle a score. He is ready to sacrifice his life as long as he ends Polzin. Kit is Polzin's bodyguard and will protect him at all costs. He has his own reasons for keeping Polzin alive and has to stop Will from destroying his two years of work.

When Will and Kit paths cross their attraction is instant. Although they are adversaries they are unable to end each other. It's a cat and mouse game until they finally discover that they are the same. They both have personal reason for their missions. Can they work together to achieve their goals?
The story is a spy game with a romantic twist. There are many twists and turns until the very end. I enjoyed the story but at times I felt it was a bit over the top. 4 Stars

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