Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: Bad, Bad Girl by Alta Hensley

How can it be wrong when it feels so, so right?

What happens when you are a very bad, bad girl?
What happens when he is so alpha that he demands complete surrender?
What happens when your body, mind, and soul betrays you?

You submit.
You utter the words you never thought you would say.
“Yes, sir.”

They should resist. They should say no. They should walk away and never look back.
But they won't.
Three women. Three men. Three tales of carnal delight that push the comfort zone.

Includes: Traditional Love, Traditional Terms, and Traditional Change.

Bad, Bad Girl is a compilation of  three stories about three women, who discover a different type of love. Each story had been released separately, Traditional Love, Traditional Terms, and Traditional Change. I had been unfamiliar with Domestic Discipline (DD) until I read these stories. DD is an interesting concept. The man takes the lead and when there's a conflict a spanking helps resolve the issues.

"People believe, as I do, that spanking is a way to solve conflict. Rather than fighting or having resentment, a spanking is a way to take action, reestablish roles and resolve the issue."

Spankings (or anal methods) reestablish the male dominate/ female submissive roles. This is not BDSM. The spankings are not meant to be erotic, usually. They are meant as punishment for misbehaving and re-establishing order. All three women are strong willed and initially are hesitant with the DD lifestyle. All three men are Alpha and take on the challenge. In each of the three stories the female characters misbehave and are punished, with spankings and/or anal methods. The women accept their punishment and find relief in giving themselves to their men.

I enjoyed all three stories. Three women, three stories finding love in a DD relationship.I think the author did a great job representing the lifestyle. The women are not doormats. They are consenting adults who find a greater happiness and connection in giving themselves to their husband.

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