Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Book Review: White Pawn by Stevie J Cole
At first you may think this is a story about love, well, it's not. It's not at all. It could have been. It had the potential to be, but he screwed all that up. I loved him. I loved him to the point of hate. With that said, maybe this is a love story of sorts, because surely to be obsessed with someone there must be a love story somewhere within the madness.
I haven't always been crazy...I swear. It's all his fault. Everything bad in my life is because of him: Justin Wild... 

White Pawn is a twisted love story about an obsessed fan who takes her craziness out on a selfish prick of an author. 

This is not your traditional love story, it's more of a dark, twisted tale of obsession gone wild. Justin Wild is a worldwide bestselling published author and also a major prick. After he had his heart broken by an ex he vowed to just be a prick to save his feeling from being hurt. Justin is a total manwhore, he loves them and leaves them. 

Marisa Dawson came into a huge sum of money after the unfortunate demise of her husband. She picked herself up and moved to NY in order to be near her favorite author, Justin Wild. She's such a huge fan she had read his book 77 times. Marisa interest in Justin quickly moves into a stalker obsession. Once she catches his attentions she sets her game plan in motion. "Strategy is key, I am the queen and he is my pawn and I will win this game." Marisa Dawson plans to win at any cost.
The story is dark, the characters are dangerous and the ending is evil. I think this is the first book I've ever read that left me disliking the main characters. They were unredeemable. The author is just evil!  4 Stars.

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