Monday, March 13, 2017

Book Review: Forbidden Princess by Alexa Riley

Forbidden Princess (The Princess, #4)
Tabitha is destined to marry a king and unite her powerful family with another. But she’s never been one to do what she’s told, and she’s decided to make her own destiny.

Vlad has devoted his life to guarding his king and never thought about taking a wife. But all bets are off when a sassy, dark-haired princess appears.

These two are hot and fast, but when Tabby’s parents step in, things get messy. Can they forgo tradition and make their own way, or will the divide break them?

The Princess Series could not have been released at a better time with the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie only a few days away. Forbidden Princess is another caveman classic. This is also my favorite cover in the series, I love the color choice.

Tabitha is an very protective older sister. She has drawn attention away from her younger sister in order to save her from her mother's wrath. When her younger sister is swept away by a King, Tabatha discovers her own connection to his head of security, Vlad.

Vlad isn't from royal blood but he won't let Tabitha go. He's one bold caveman. Vlad takes any chances losing Tabitha including sneaking into her room at night to make her his.

Yay for happily-ever-afters! 4 Stars!

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