Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Book Review: Claimed Princess by Alexa Riley

Claimed Princess (The Princess, #3)
Heavenly and Carlos have been best friends their whole lives. But it’s almost time for Heavenly’s birthday, which means she’ll be married off to a king.

Carlos has been King for a few years now and is being pressured to choose a bride. But he’s only ever had eyes for one princess, and he’s had to wait for her to turn twenty-one.

Heavenly doesn’t have any idea the plans Carlos has made for her, so when she offers to marry his brother, things don’t go so well. Girl, they don’t go well at all… Carlos isn’t having that. She gets a dose of alpha when Carlos lays down the law. But when she runs…how far will she actually get?

Claimed Princess is a quick, sexy story about a King who has waited patiently to claim his little bit of heaven. 

You cannot go wrong if you are looking for a quick, sexy read. Claimed Princess is a fairy tale story about Heavenly, a princess who had lost her parents, was sent to live with her grandmother and found her princess charming on the other side of a wall. While escaping Carlos's guards she ran smack dab right into the future King and it is insta-love at first sight.

Now just days before her twenty-first birthday, Heavenly decides she can't bare being without Carlos so she offers to marry his brother. Yup, as you suspect Carlos doesn't care for her offer. Oh man, Carlos loses it and Heavenly runs. 

It's a sweet & sexy quickie. 4 Stars!

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