Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Review: Punished by Penelope Bloom

Punished - A Dark Billionaire Romance
I have a dirty little secret.
No guy has ever been able to get me off.
They try. They fail. They leave. Rinse and repeat.
Until I met Logan Steel.
Until he punished me.

He’s a self-made billionaire, and he’s heart-stoppingly gorgeous. Oh, and did I mention he’s into BDSM? Like… really into it.

He says I can trust him, that he’ll take care of me, that nothing bad will happen so long as I’m his. His kitten.

I want to believe him.

I want to trust him.

I want to surrender to the heat of his touch and submit. I want to let him have me in all the ways he wants me.

But it’s not that simple. Nothing ever is. 

Penelope Bloom is a new-to-me author and I'm very happy I found her. I ate this book up reading it in a day. Punished is a steamy story of two damaged souls. They both have deep seated trust issues that have blocked their happiness in an out of bed.

Logan Steel had almost lost his company because he had been betrayed. He had to leave behind his proclivities in order to fix his companies reputation. When he can no longer hold back his needs he returns back to Club Crave to find a submissive.

Emmaline had been expecting a large inheritance that she was planning on using to get out of debt. Emmaline had started her own business and accumulated a large amount of debt. When the inheritance is taken by her father, Emmaline is left with little hope. Her friend assists her in obtaining a job at Club Crave to pay off her debts. It pays really well but she'll need to open her mind to the BDSM world. 

When a masked Logan see Emmaline at Club Crave he is immediately drawn to her. They had already made a connection when they met previously. Logan hides his identity while taking control of Emmaline and makes her crave more. Logan decides he wants to get to know this woman who has peaked his interest. He takes a chance even with the possibility that he could once again be betrayed. Emmaline struggles with her own trust issues. She can trust Logan when he's dominating her but in real life she's not too sure.

Logan and Emmaline struggle trusting because everyone they have trusted has taken advantage of them. Logan is more than just a dominate, he's also an understanding kind man. I loved his multifaceted sides. The author did a great job developing both characters. I couldn't put this book down. 5 Stars!

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