Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Review: Paying Daddy's Debt by Alexa Riley

Paying Daddy's Debt

When Ash Carpenter imagines a schoolgirl, the image doesn’t match her. She wears long skirts that are sort of frumpy. Her bulky sweaters hide her shape, and her hair is always in a messy bun. Her tennis shoes are clunky and worn, and there are runs in her thick tights. Her dark-framed glasses hide some of her face…but not all of it. Because he’s caught sight of those ice-blue eyes, and they’ve pierced him to his core.

She walks by his office every day, but one afternoon she’s missing. It’s then Ash finally decides he’s tired of waiting and it’s time to collect what he’s owed. She’ll come with him, because there’s no other choice. She’ll pay her daddy’s debt any way Ash sees fit.

Alexa Riley are back steaming up the pages! Paying Daddy's Debt is a super quick, sexy read that's insta-love perfect. 

Ash Carpenter is obsessed with the schoolgirl who passes by his office daily. "No one will ever love her as much as I do. No one will treat her better than I will. I will make her happy and make her need me. Soon she'll be mine. Soon the waiting will be over." Yes, he's determined. 

Jasmine's father took her in after a tragic car accident but it appears that he had ulterior motives. She can't wait to graduate school and move away as far as she can from the crowded city to start a new life. When Jasmine's father steels her savings to pay his debts she thinks all is lost until her knight shows up to the rescue.

I love Alexa Riley shorts, they are quick and fun to read. This was a real pick me up! 4 Stars.

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