Monday, February 27, 2017

Book Review: Dark Protector by Celia Aaron

Dark Protector
From the moment I saw her through the window of her flower shop, something other than darkness took root inside me. Charlie shone like a beacon in a world that had long since lost any light. But she was never meant for me, a man that killed without remorse and collected bounties drenched in blood.
I thought staying away would keep her safe, would shield her from me. I was wrong. Danger followed in my wake like death at a slaughter house. I protected her from the threats that circled like black buzzards, kept her safe with kill after kill.
But everything comes with a price, especially second chances for a man like me.
Killing for her was easy. It was living for her that turned out to be the hard part.

Author's Note: This is a full-length romance novel. It's not a super-dark read, no trigger warning. Explicit violence and hot sex included. HEA, no cheating.

Dark Protector is the perfect title for this dark and dangerous romance. Bonus the cover is scorching HOT! You never know who's watching you and for Charlie it happens to be "Angelus Mortis", the Angel of Death.

Conrad 'Con' Mercer is a hired killer, he's also our anti-hero. He fulfills contracts by killing with no remorse. Con is infatuated with a florist. He's been sitting outside her shop for months, watching her, studying her. Con doesn't believe that they will ever meet until a rival takes advantage of his weakness. 

Charlie is taken, beaten and used as lure. Conrad doesn't back down. He comes after her with guns blazing. However because he wasn't contracted to kill, Con doesn't finish the job. It's a mistake he quickly regrets when a contract is placed on Charlie and Con's heads.

Conrad is eerily beautiful. He made it his mission to keep Charlie safe by killing all threats. He has found true love after being nothing more than a hired killer for almost his entire life. Love can change a man. Charlie also has an interesting back story. The two are well matched. I enjoyed the stories progression. It moves quickly but the characters are well developed. 4 Stars!

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