Monday, February 20, 2017

Book Review: Daddy's Girl by Isabella Starling & Demi Donovan

Daddy's Girl
Every brat needs a Daddy.

Daddy's tastes are naughty and rough,
finding the right girl has been tough.

Daddy's had them all you see,
but his little girl is the one he can't set free.

Now Daddy has a lovely pet,
a naughty toy that's scared of every threat.

But brats are always hard to train,
and Daddy's girl has earned the cane.

Time to break out the whips and chains,
get some blood pulsing through baby's veins.

Think twice before you disobey,
pretty girls in tears make Daddy's day...

I'm a fan of dark romance, the darker the better. Don't let the cover fool you. Daddy's Girl is a short, dirty, dark, erotic romance. 

Lily Kingsley is abducted by a 'Monster'. Lawson has been waiting a long time to make Lily his own. He has plans to break her and rebuild her. Lily wakes up in a small room in a basement, her own personal nightmare. She's being trained but doesn't know why. She's punished for not obeying, physically and mentally. Lily eventually stumbles right into the truth and it's unforgiving.

There were elements I enjoyed in the story. However over all I struggled with the quick progression. After a week of confinement and training Lily was already begging for her Daddy. Almost from the start she had feelings for Lawson. She appears to suffer from Insta-Stockholm Syndrome. She does attempt an unsuccessful escape but it doesn't change her feelings towards Lawson. It seems that Lawson is a monster who grew a conscious. The story felt quick and forced. There could of been more characters growth. 3 Stars.

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