Friday, February 17, 2017

Book Review: Claimed by Two Masters by Claire Thompson

Claimed by Two Masters (BDSM Connections, Book 3)
One submissive. Two Masters. Three hearts.

Shea O’Connor has a secret. Beneath the fa├žade of a proper, vanilla young lady lurks a dirty girl who dreams of whips, chains and a Master to claim her. When she finally gets up the courage to explore her darkest fantasies at a local BDSM club, her world explodes with possibilities, including submission to not one but two sexy Masters.

Steve Hartman and Zach Wilder are more than just best friends; they are sensual sadists, sharing a dungeon where they train women in the art and passion of erotic submission. As they initiate Shea into the world of BDSM, peeling away layer after layer of shyness, modesty and resistance, Shea is not the only person experiencing soul-level transformation. Steve and Zach’s cardinal rule of keeping their hearts out of their training is sorely tested.

Each new experience draws Shea deeper into a world of intense D/s that leaves her breathless and longing for more. The trouble is, relationships can get complicated, especially between three. The last thing either guy expected was to fall in love—with the same girl.

Claire Thompson is a new-to-me author. Although this is book three in the series I was easily able to jump right in without feeling disconnected. I'm happy to have had a chance to sink my teeth into Claimed by Two Masters. It is an intensely, sexy BDSM/menage love story. 

Steve Hartman and Zach Wilder are best friend and Doms. They have a close relationship as co-trainers, co-workers and housemates. Steve and Zach share a dungeon in their home and are also regulars at Hardcore, Portland's best underground BDSM club. 

Shea O'Connor has decided to explore her feelings and visit Hardcore. Shea is a shy scientist, who eats to hide from her feelings. Her explorations lands her over the knee of Sir Stephan with Master Zach at their side. After their brief encounter she decides to go back into hiding but not without an offer to trainer her.

Steve Hartman/Zach Wilder
Professional BDSM training
Explore the passion and the power of erotic submission

Shea is unable to resist the calling card and soon agrees to training. Shea's training is intense. She not only learns how to behave as a submissive but also how to accept herself. Her training slowly builds up her self-confidence and creates a strong bond between her and her Doms. They grow a deep connection and feelings begin to develop. But can their menage last the test of jealousy? When one Dom feels like the third wheel can they find away to keep their relationship together?
Woo, Claimed by Two Masters is ultra sexy and intense. Shea is not only a submissive but a virgin, masochist. She takes a lot from her Masters but they also give her what she needs to free her feelings. I may have flinched a few times reading some of the scenes. Shea's secret dreams are vividly recreated by her Doms and leave your imagination reeling. The author did a great job building up the love story but I felt like I missed the Aha moment. Otherwise I enjoyed the BDSM/menage love story. 4 Stars.

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