Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Review: Painted on my Heart by Kindle Alexander

Painted On My Heart
Artist Kellus Hardin let love and loyalty cloud his past decisions, a mistake he definitely won’t make again. Now, lost and alone, he’s left to pick up the shattered pieces of his broken heart while facing the truth of his reality.

Arik Layne exudes power, confidence, and determination. But when an encounter with the guarded artist shakes him to the core and alters all his future goals, he finds more than just his heart on the line.

For Kellus, opening himself to love isn’t an option.
All Arik wants is to make the artist his.
Can love create a masterpiece when it’s painted on your heart?

Painted on my Heart is an emotional, heartwarming love story. I loved it! The author did a fantastic job building the characters. Arik Layne is an alpha male who wants Kellus Hardin and will not take no for an answer. Kellus's past keeps tormenting his present and he can't find a way out. It's a fight Arik is willing to pursue because he's found his true love.

Kellus continues to rescue his ex, John. He feels responsible for John even though his ex continues to advantage of him. It's heartbreaking how far a person will go to cause harm. Kellus has paid the price, losing his family and himself in the process.

Arik is instantly attracted to Kellus even before he discovered he's the artist who created all the amazing pieces for his new resorts. Arik had felt a connection to Kellus's work, which only adds to his persistence. Arik is all Alpha. He pushes his way into Kellus's life fighting for their relationship. Arik is the rock that Kellus needs.

Kellus struggles with guilt and loyality. If he doesn't find a way to open up to Arik he may lose the man he loves. I can't say enough how much I love this story. It's touching and has it's own soul. 5 Stars!

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