Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Review: Disarmed by Eva LeNoir

Disarmed by Eva LeNoir

Jade McGuire lives a double life. To the outside world, she is a well-put together art connoisseur with a good head on her shoulders. But in the privacy of a downtown DC apartment, she lives out every fantasy she has ever had.

Twice over.

Strong and independent during the day, Jade kneels at the feet of her two Doms once the sun sets.

After a chance meeting at Ruby's Lounge, Miles Jennings and Carson Dunn find themselves playing a very dangerous, albeit sexually fulfilling, game. And all bets are off when the goal is to win the girl.

Disarmed begins with a steamy, sexual overload of domination! What develops is a story of heartache, tears and acceptance.

Jade McGuire is part of the UCC family. She has a good job and good friends. Jade also has a secret submissive life fulfilling her fantasies with two Doms. Jade prefers a contract with her two Doms in order to keep her distance so no one would get hurt.

"Intimacy wasn't a problem for me, but emotional connections scared the shit out of me." -Jade

Miles Jennings knew it was love at first sight. He also knew that "Jade's wall was Fort Knox guarded by Marines on steroids." and had to move slowly in order to infiltrate. Miles had a plan that included his partner Carson Dunn. The two Doms forged their way into Jade's life until it was time for Miles to take over.

"I'll be your knight in kinky armor, Little Gem. Just you wait."- Miles

When Jade struggles with unexpected family heartache will she lean on her Dom or push him away? Jade's past continues to haunt her present. It will take a strong man to hold her up and lucky for her Miles Jennings fits the bill.

Initially, I felt disconnected as Jade tries to keep her distance from her Doms. When the connection is made there's nothing but tearful happiness. 4 Stars!

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