Thursday, November 3, 2016

Book Review: Wicked Little Words by Stevie J. Cole & B.T. Urruela

Wicked Little Words

Edwin Allen Mercer
I want them all to read my words. And they do. Every last blood-stained sentence, they've read and praised me for. They love the gore and violence, the realness. And I get a sense of power with it all because I know a secret: the victims in my books—they’re real and have all died on my table. And maybe that’s why the last book had such awful reviews. Murder is, after all, a dirty little thing. Some can stomach it. Others can’t. My answer to those reviews: find a woman to co-author with. To be the next pathetic character in my book. Pity she’s so pretty.

Miranda Cross
All I’ve ever wanted was to be successful as a writer so when I was offered the opportunity to co-author a book with my idol, EA Mercer, I jumped at the chance. He’s beautiful and a literary genius, but something about him makes my stomach knot. And maybe it’s my overactive imagination making my hairs stand on end when he walks up behind me.

After all, these wicked little words we’re typing are only fiction.
They’re only fiction...

Are you ready to have your mind turned inside out? Wicked Little Words will do that and more. This book gave me the creeps to say the least and the ending was twistedly unexpected.

Honestly, some of the graphic details had me shuttering. Right from the beginning the story takes a dark tone. It’s perfect for Halloween or a late night read during a storm.

Miranda Cross is a college student studying creative writing and has been selected to co-author with the New York Times Bestselling author, Ethan Allen (EA) Mercer.  Ethan last book received poor reviews so he has decided to work with a female co-author to soften up his writing. Miranda is invited to stay with Ethan in his log cabin in the woods in order to write when inspired.  Miranda is terrified from Ethan’s erratic behavior and vacated eyes watching her every move. Ethan keeps his secret hidden in the kill shed out back. Detective Jackson 'Jax' Peralta finds himself in the middle of all the chaos.

This story is a dark thriller entangled with suspense, mind games and plenty of body parts. 5 Haunting Stars! 

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