Monday, November 21, 2016

Book Review: Snowed in With the Boss by Lili Valente

Snowed in With the Boss
“Bend over and lift your skirt. I’m going to show you what it’s like to spend Christmas on the naughty list…”

Let’s get one thing straight—I’m not your usual bad boy billionaire. I’m actually a nice guy. A very nice guy who also enjoys turning a woman over my knee and spanking her ass until she begs for mercy—AKA a good, hard, hold-her-down-and-teach-her-who’s-boss f*ck.

I’m a gentleman in the boardroom and a Dominant in the bedroom. I’ve also been secretly in love with my sweet, sexy, too-innocent-for-her-own-good executive assistant, Jane, for the better part of two years.

But like I said, I’m a gentleman. Any woman on my staff is strictly off limits.

Until the night I’m snowed in at the office with Jane…

The same night I discover she’s a submissive looking for a teacher…

The night I decide to make her mine…

Snowed in with the Boss is a short, steamy holiday treat. Sometimes you need a little pick me up, well look no further.  This is a sexy story with a HEA that made me swoon.

When Jane Singleton’s private emails trigger a security flag at work, Mr. Tennyson-Ten jumps at the opportunity to make Jane an offer she can’t refuse.

Jane Singleton may appear sweet and wholesome but she has hidden darker needs. She’s been seeking a Dom to bring her fantasies to life. Ten is Jane’s “sweet, wicked, Dominant, nurturing, incredible, spanking-delivering sex god of a boss”. After Ten discovered Jane’s fantasies, he offers her on one snowy night the proper education in all things Dominant and submissive. When Jane’s emotions take over will she be able to admit her true feeling to Ten or does the blizzard a better option.

I really enjoyed the delicious story.  Jane is my favorite type of heroine, prim and proper at work and naughty in the bedroom. Ten will make your blood boil. 4 Stars.

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