Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Book Review: Paid For by Alexa Riley

Mason foster goes through assistants like some people go through tissues. He’s sick and tired of having to replace them, so his best friend and business partner decides to help him out.

Kennedy Myers is here for a job and nothing else. But when the money is too good to be true, there’s nothing she won’t do to please her new boss. She’s bought and paid for, so who is she to say no? Especially when she likes it.

Warning: This dirty office romance is over-the-top filthy. If you want a possessive alpha with a bossy mouth, then do what you’re told and get this book! Seriously, though, if Mason asks, just say you bought it. He’s grumpy.

Reader beware: Paid For is an aphrodisiac! This steamy, sinfully good hot cup of dominate misguided male/young virginal girl story will get you hot under the collar. 

Mason is once again in need of a new assistant. His best friend/business partner decided to help him out and placed an ad which included an extra small requirement. "The kind that requires knee pads."

Kennedy Myers needs this job! She has a grandfather in a nursing home and she'll do anything to keep him there. When she discovers that the position she was just hired for includes some extra curricular activities she's not able to give it up. Kennedy needs the money and she finds she actually likes the extra perks. 

Mason main goal in life was to make as much money as possible until Kennedy. Now he has to find a way to winner her over. You will love this short story! Alexa Riley gives us another sexy Insta-Love short! 5 Stars!

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