Sunday, November 20, 2016

Book Review: His Esclava by Jessica Ingro

His Esclava

A slave to his needs.
A slave to her own heart.

Billionaire Eduardo Mendoza has needs—needs that only a slave can meet.
And Chloe Valentine has desires—desires that only a master can fulfill.

A common craving for dark pleasure and ecstasy binds them. But when Chloe moves halfway across the globe to fulfill Eduardo's exotic fantasies, will reality live up to her sinfully erotic dreams?


Woo! This is an intense, short story of a heroine who follows her fantasy but instead ends up in a nightmare. There's no safe words in this story. 

Chloe has signed up to be Eduardo Mendoza's personal slave for five years. At first Chloe enjoys the attention she receives from her Master and his friends until Eduardo's true intentions are revealed. Matteo, Eduardo's nephew, maybe Chloe's only hope.

This story is a good reminder to never leap without a parachute, safety first. 4 Stars

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