Thursday, September 29, 2016

Book Review: Her Dirty Professor by Penny Wylder

Her Dirty Professor (A Romance Novella)

It was the stupidest dare I'd ever taken in my life.
I wish I could blame alcohol—I wish I could blame anything but my own damn curiosity.
But when everyone kept saying that Loche Johnson has literally THE biggest... well, "Johnson" of any professor at our college, that he used to do porn and there's a birthmark on his hip to prove it, I got skeptical. My friends pressed me to ask him. So I sacked up and did.
The rumors are true—porn star Johnson is real. I was just supposed to look, but then he gave me his infuriatingly cocky smirk and said that girls like me couldn't handle guys like him.
Girls like ME?
We shouldn't have slept together. And it should NOT have been amazing.
Now he keeps teasing me—in class, on campus, like he doesn't care if we get found out. If anyone learns we hooked up, I'll lose my scholarship. I'll lose everything I worked so hard for.
I won the dare.
I'm not sure it was worth it.

Insta-Love professor style! This is a quick, sexy read.

Georgia Brightly has no time to date. She's busy keep a perfect average to maintain her scholarship and get into graduate school. When she's dared to find a beauty mark on her favorite professor, she comes up with a scheme that has him dropping trou.

When Professor Loche Johnson gets a whiff of Georgia's homework, the pheromones in the air lead to a night of passion. However a relationship could cost both of them their future. How far are they willing to go?

I enjoyed this professor/student forbidden insta-love story. Loche played by his heart and he won in the end. Damn, the cover is HOT! Thank you Penny Wylder. 4 Stars

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