Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Book Review: Love's Composure by Priya Grey and Ozlo Grey

Love's Composure
At twenty-six, I was already a legend. A musical genius with more money than I could spend, and more women than I could I sleep with.
I had everything I wanted, except what I needed.
Until I met you.
You were a simple girl from a very different world.
But we had something in common. We were both lonely, in desperate need of a connection.
When a random encounter brought us together, a spark ignited that changed our lives forever.
You became my lover, my wife, the mother of my child…
You became my greatest joy…
And my greatest heartbreak.
This is the story of our love.
This is the story of our sacrifice.

This story has left me a crying mess. It is a  beautiful second and third chance love story of finding not only your soulmate but also what makes you happy. Get ready to open your heart and keep a box of tissues nearby.

Sebastian Lewis is a musical genius and the hottest producer and composer in the industry. His manager, also his mother, wants him to stay that way. She has instilled in her son that women cannot be trusted. 

Emily is finishing up college and plans on returning home to her adaptive parent's winery. She dreams of being a professional violinist but feels an obligation to her loving parents. In a twist of fate she finds herself with an opportunity audition in a bathroom for Sebastian Lewis. He's immediately enthralled with her honest and vulnerable performance. She's hired to play on Melody Swanson's new album.

Sebastian and Emily's passion ignites in the recording studio and soon after in Sebastian's home. They connect on a higher level. Just as soon as Sebastian finds Emily he loses her without an explanation. Emily had the unfortunate experience of meeting Sebastian's mother and who in turn had ward her off. Emily loses her faith in Sebastian and also her faith in herself. She puts away her violin and moves forward with a life without music.

Ten years later (in the future) Sebastian and Emily meet again. This time the truth is revealed. It takes some convincing but Sebastian wins over Emily. Soon they marry but to only spend the next ten years of marriage separated by Sebastian's career. When Emily requests a divorce will Sebastian continue to choose his career over of the love of his life? 

This story slowly shredded my heart. I connected with the characters struggles, pain and decisions. The HEA isn't what I expected but it does bring the story back full circle. The story is a reminder that life moves by quickly and you don't want to miss out on what's truly important. 5 Stars!

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