Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review: Trinity by M. Never


Two seductive strangers.
One scandalous night.
A trinity of temptation.

It was only supposed to be a single encounter. A night stripped of sexual inhibitions.

We were never supposed to become romantically involved.

But they were alluring and irresistible.

They were also the enemy.

Their company wants to take the one thing that means anything to me.

Now, I'm navigating a dicey path. Loving two men who can destroy me in a multitude of ways. They can shatter my heart, wreck my dreams, but worst of all, demolish the only place I've ever called home.

Wow, this story hit all the right marks. It's steamy, seductive and scandalous. I finished it in one sitting and wanted more. 

One night, two men walk into a bar and find the woman who completes their trinity. What they didn't know was they worked for the man who was trying to take away her livelihood. 

"The only stability I've ever had is this restaurant."

Jennifer Reeves life is her job. She started working at The Corkscrew at an early age. Nathan Jackson had taken her in and provided her with work, a place to live and guidance. One night while bartending she encounters two sexy men, Chase and Shane, who want more than just a drinks. The night ends with a tryst in a stairwell and a Insta-Love connection.

"I told you, I have an eye for searching out the best and most beautiful things, and once I find them, I never let them go, I own them."
When a developer goes after the place she loves, she rejects his offer and discovers that both Chase and Shane work for him. When she tries to run from them, they go all alpha to take her back and plan on never letting her go. However with the looming prospect of losing the restaurant to their boss can Jenn continue with their relationship?

This book is a hot bath of steamy seduction. The scandalous trinity make for a sultry read. 5 Stars!

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