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Author Spotlight: Joey W Hill

I was first introduced to Joey W. Hill by a fellow blogger. I quickly became addicted to her Knights of the Board Room Series. Right from the start I fell in love with the characters and the author alike. She has a new addition to her Nature of Desire Series arriving May 31, 2016, Worth the Wait. It will be first in the series centering on a male Dominate. The previous books in the series featured female Dominatrices. If you are looking for some spice and sexy dominates, you come to the right author!

About the Author

Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill writes about vampires, mermaids, boardroom executives, cops, witches, angels, simple housemaids... She's penned over forty acclaimed titles and six award-winning series, and been awarded the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Erotica. But she's especially proud and humbled to have won the support and enthusiasm of a wonderful, widely diverse readership.
So why erotic romance? “Writing great erotic romance is all about exploring the true face of who we are – the best and worst - which typically comes out in the most vulnerable moments of sexual intimacy.” She has earned a reputation for writing BDSM romance that not only wins her fans of that genre, but readers who would “never” read BDSM romance. She believes that's because strong, compelling characters are the most important part of her books.
“Whatever genre you’re writing, if the characters are captivating and sympathetic, the readers are going to want to see what happens to them. That was the defining element of the romances I loved most and which shaped my own writing. Bringing characters together who have numerous emotional obstacles standing in their way, watching them reach a soul-deep understanding of one another through the expression of their darkest sexual needs, and then growing from that understanding into love - that's the kind of story I love to write."
Take the plunge with her, and don't hesitate to let her know what you think of her work, good or bad. She thrives on feedback!

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Is he worth the heartbreak? At nearly forty, Julie isn’t so sure she’ll ever find a man who is, so she’s vowed that all her big 4-0 decisions will have zip to do with relationships. A successful theater manager, she agrees to travel to North Carolina and help a friend put her erotic performance theater on its feet. Julie has always been curious and drawn to the BDSM world, and now she can safely explore that world in the environment she knows best.
Desmond Hayes is the roofing contractor repairing their rundown theater building, but he’s also a rigger, well-known in the BDSM world for his rope artistry. He’s not just a top, though; he’s a Dom whose unexpected quirks mesh too well with Julie’s eccentric personality and awaken her submissive side.
From the time he was born, Des has been fighting the odds against him. Because of that, he’s kept his relationships inside the
BDSM scene with clear boundaries. While Julie has almost given up on finding a person worth loving through better or worse—or pleasure and pain—Des never expected to receive that gift.
He’s not letting that treasure get away—no matter how much rope he has to use to bind her to him.


Additional Books

Arcane Shot Series

(Paranormal Sensual/Erotic Romance)
  • Something About Witches, Feb 2012, Berkley Sensation
  • In the Company of Witches, May 2012, Berkley Sensation

Daughters of Arianne Series

(Paranormal Sensual/Erotic Romance)
  • A Mermaid’s Kiss, Nov 2008, Berkley Sensation
  • A Witch’s Beauty, Jan 2009, Berkley Sensation
  • A Mermaid’s Ransom, Dec 2009, Berkley Sensation

Knights of the Board Room Series

(Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance)
  • Board Resolution, Mar 2005, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
           Novella; available in ebook as a single title; in print as part of the Behind the Mask anthology
  • Controlled Response, Dec 2008, Berkley Sensation
           Novella; available in ebook and print formats as part of the Unlaced anthology
  • Honor Bound, Feb 2010, Berkley Sensation
          Novella; available in ebook and print formats as part of the Laced with Desire anthology
  • Afterlife, Nov 2010, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Hostile Takeover, Jan 2012, Ellora's Cave Publishing
  • Willing Sacrifice, May 2013, Ellora's Cave Publishing
  • Soul Rest, Mar 2015, Storywitch Press

Nature of Desire Series

(Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance)
  • Holding the Cards, 2003, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Natural Law, Mar 2004, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Ice Queen, Mar 2006, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Mirror of My Soul, May 2006, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Mistress of Redemption, Sep 2006, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Rough Canvas, Sep 2007, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Branded Sanctuary, February 2010, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Divine Solace, April 2014, Ellora's Cave Publishing

Naughty Bits Series

(Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance)
  • The Lingerie Shop, Apr 2014, Penguin Intermix Special
  • Training Session, May 2014, Penguin Intermix Special
  • Bound To Please, Jun 2014, Penguin Intermix Special
  • The Highest Bid, Jul 2014, Penguin Intermix Special

Vampire Queen Series

(Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance)
  • Vampire Queen’s Servant, Jul 2007, Berkley Heat
  • Mark of the Vampire Queen, Feb 2008, Berkley Heat
  • Vampire’s Claim, Mar 2009, Berkley Heat
  • Beloved Vampire, Aug 2009, Berkley Heat
  • Vampire Mistress, May 2010, Berkley Heat
  • Vampire Trinity, Sep 2010, Berkley Heat
  • Vampire Instinct, July 2011, Berkley Heat
  • Bound by the Vampire Queen, Dec 2012, Berkley Heat
  • Taken by a Vampire, May 2013, Berkley Heat
  • The Scientific Method, Jul 2014, Storywitch Press
  • Nightfall, Aug 2014, Ellora's Cave Publishing
  • Elusive Hero, Nov 2014, Storywitch Press

Non-Series Titles

  • If Wishes Were Horses, Dec 2003, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Virtual Reality, Sep 2004, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Unrestrained, Jan 2014, Berkley Heat


  • Chance of a Lifetime, Oct 2006, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
           Available digitally as a single title; in print as part of the Hot Chances anthology
  • Choice of Masters, Sep 2003, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
           Available digitally as a single title; in print as part of the Enchained anthology
  • Make Her Dreams Come True, Jan 2001, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
           Available digitally as a single title; in print as part of the Faith and Dreams anthology
  • Threads of Faith, Apr 2006, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
           Available digitally as a single title; in print as part of the Faith and Dreams anthology


  • Snow Angel, Jan 2004, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
           Available digitally as a single title; in print as part of the 12 Quickies of Christmas Vol. 2 anthology
  • Submissive Angel, Dec 2012, Riptide Publishing
          Available as part of the O Come All Ye Kinky anthology
* Additional free novellas/short stories are available via the Short Stories link under the Books menu here on my website, and in the vignette section of the JWH fan forum,

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  1. Thanks so much, RKMS - so happy that fellow blogger made that introduction (beaming). Hope you've taken advantage of those free novellas revisiting the Knights of the Board Room: The Proper Punishment (Peter, Dana and Ben's threesome) and Retribution (a prequel about Celeste and Ben)? It's so much fun to revisit those characters, which is part of why I write the freebie downloads (lol). If you haven't grabbed those, there over at the JWH Connection fan forum, and here's access info -

    Thank you so much for giving folks a peek at Worth the Wait! Hope everyone will love Julie and Des's story!