Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review: Sordid by Nikki Sloane

It took me years to find the courage to speak to Luka. He seemed exactly like me. Intelligent. Focused. Serious.

But he’s not the man I imagined.

His reality is cruel and dark. He traps me in his web, his power twisting tighter the more I struggle, until it’s hopeless. I can’t break free.

As he drags me unwillingly into his filthy world, I can’t ignore the terrifying idea circling my mind. What if I belong here with him?

Sordid is not for the faint of heart. It's dark, mind-bending and twisted. I loved it! The story is perfectly told in the heroine's POV.  It's her tale of the sordid affair. 

What was suppose to be simply Addison's attempt at socializing turned into her captivity. While attending a frat party she found herself forcible beneath the man she once thought she loved in secret. Luka Markovic couldn't let Addison walk away with the possibility of her turning to the police. 

"I can't let you leave. As long as you're in my house, it's my rules. if you don't do as told, there will be consequences." 

Luka coerces Addison into submitting. He wants to own her, body, mind and soul. His motivations go beyond keeping himself and his family safe but also to keep Addison safe from his families ties.

"I could be whatever I wanted beneath him." 
The beginning of the story is dark, dangerous and twisted. Luka is on a mission to break Addison in order to keep her. It's pretty intense and you start to really wonder where the story is heading. The story is only written in Addison's POV, which keeps you guessing because of Luka's stoicism. Once Luka becomes human, story begins to move into a different direction. The ending is twisted. I didn't see it coming. I didn't want it to end. I couldn't get enough of Luka and Addison's story. They both have lost and won at the same time. Nikki Sloane writing is captivating, she had me entranced. If you like dark romance you will love this book. 5 Stars! 

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