Thursday, April 28, 2016

Review: Innocence’s Series Bundle (Innocence, #1-3) by Alexa Riley

Innocence’s Series Bundle (Innocence, #1-3)
This is the complete story of William and Haley. From William taking her innocence, to their happily ever after, and all the dirty play in between.

This bundle includes all three short stories PLUS a bonus novella about Adam and his little Eve. They’re a part-time DD/lg couple that William and Haley sometimes play with.

The Innocent bundle is chopped full of  Steamy, Hot Sexiness! This is my first venture in Daddy/little genre and I loved it. To be honest I love Alexa Riley, they write sex and it’s good, so damn good. The story starts from the beginning of the relationship between Daddy William and his little Haley.  Haley is ultra-innocent. She lived a sheltered life, attending an all-girls schools and only had one small encounter with a boy.  Haley’s father has decided it’s time for her to grow up now that she’s graduated school but is she truly ready for independence?
Daddy William has known Haley her whole life. He found himself waiting for her and when the opportunity arouse he Alpha’d up and took her. Hailey didn’t resist. She easily fell right into the Daddy/little lifestyle.
As the story progresses so does their relationship including a special trip and wedding. All three books are steamy and erotic.  I couldn’t get enough. I enjoyed Hailey’s kitty adventures and her stuffed pal.  5 Sticky Stars!
(When reading this bundle please keep an open mind. The Daddy/little genre is not for everyone. )

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