Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Book Review: A Very Dirty Christmas by Sabrina Paige

A Very Dirty Christmas (A Stepbrother Romance, #1-3)
Christmas novella that is a sequel to 'Prick'.

Marriage and a baby for the world’s biggest prick? Yeah, right.

I'm marrying the world’s biggest prick. Well, ex-prick.

Caulter Sterling. The tattooed, pierced bad boy I used to love to hate.

It's Christmas in New Hampshire – a white wedding.

What could go wrong when you combine a celebrity mother, a crazy ex, paparazzi, a record-setting blizzard, hundreds of wedding guests, and a runaway ring-bearing monkey?

Oh, yeah – did I mention the pregnant bride in labor?

Merry Effin' Christmas.

This review is for "A Very Dirty Christmas" novella that is part of this awesome book. The Christmas novella is a sequel to 'Prick'. Cannon, which is included, is one of my favorites for 2015.

This is one "Merry Effing Christmas" story. I laughed, laughed some more, busted a gut and there may have been a tear or two. It's Caulter the 'Prick' and a very pregnant Kate's wedding fiasco. Although Kate is eight months pregnant her hormones keep the story hot, steamy and bed breaking. Caulter can't escape his past as it keeps creeping in, making it self known and comically removed.

If you haven't read Prick this is your opportunity. The novella to follow will be the frosting on the cake. 5 effingly funny stars!

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