Friday, November 27, 2015

Review: Lie with Me by M. Never

Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4)

Tell me a secret...

CJ Carmichael hasn't been able to get the vivacious blonde he spent four delirious days with off his mind. The blonde who was completely off-limits, but he couldn't deny.

Tell me a secret....

CJ had no intention of pursuing her, but Tara Stevens knew what she wanted and it was him. Now six months later, their time together still haunts him. As much as he's tried to talk himself out of seeing her again, the craving is just too powerful.

Tell me a secret...

Tara is more than willing to spend an entire fantasy weekend with CJ. More than willing to hand herself over to him completely and fulfill his every desire. More than willing to pretend he owns her despite their age difference and Kayne's disapproval.

Tell me a secret...

Sometimes fantasy becomes a reality. Sometimes people fall in love before they even know it- before they even know each other- and after its too late.

Sometimes, beneath the sweetest secrets are the most deceptive lies. 

"You should always follow your dreams, and life's definitely too short not to have sex or eat chocolate cake."

Wow! Lie With Me is filled with unexpected twists and secrets that kept me on my toes. Just when I thought it was going to be okay, it all goes to hell. I loved it!!

Six months ago Tara Stevens and CJ Carmichael have a short, secret tryst. They kept it a secret because Tara is off limits. She's ten years younger then CJ and geographically they couldn't farther apart. Tara's brother-in-law and father have warned CJ to stay away. CJ tried to yield to their warnings, because he wants to keep is balls, but he finally concedes hoping after one more weekend with Tara he can snuff out the flames. Instead it only adds to their fire. Dam, it also leads to the steamiest scene that had me moaning. 
Tara has a secret she's keeping from CJ and her family. She's embarrassed by her choices and has found herself trapped. CJ also has a secrets he hasn't shared. Tara's secret is doozy. But it's CJ response that let me swooning, "I will never let you go".  What a heart jerkier. 

The story is a steamy with twists, turns and secrets. CJ is a Alpha who has a need to claim shortcake at the end.  5 Tell me a secret Stars!

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