Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review: One More Rule (Blindfold Club, #2.5) by Nikki Sloane

One More Rule (Blindfold Club, #2.5)

One week back in Chicago to witness our best friends get married. One hot night to help them celebrate. And one rule for the bride and groom to obey: no more sex until the wedding.

After the evening Dominic and I have planned, who will break first?

One More Rule is a novella that takes place after Three Simple Rules and Three Hard Lessons. I really enjoyed the novella. It was hot, steamy, sexy and sweet! I had to stop reading several times just to catch my breath! Nikki Sloane knows how to rock my world.

Dominic and Payton return home to attend Logan and Evie's wedding. To their surprise Evie decided she wants her wedding night to be special, to build up the anticipation by having no sex or nudity until they are married. Will Logan and Evie be able to follow the rule when Payton and Dom take them out on a sexy night put on the town? It doesn't take long for sexual mayhem to ensue.

I enjoyed catching up with all the characters, including a short visit with Joseph (The Little Mistakes). I'm still obsessed with Joseph! I'm hoping for a future novella with more Joseph and Noemi. Back to the story, you will love this novella. The ending is sweet and left me feeling warm and fuzzy. I'm really excited about the next in the Blindfold Series, Three Dirty Secrets.

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