Friday, October 30, 2015

Review: Full of Fire by Jennifer Millikin

Full of Fire

Innocent, introverted Lila Mitchell's life is thrown into disarray when she meets playboy nightclub owner Xavier Townsend. Up until that fateful night, Lila was content experiencing emotion through her camera. Xavier's handsome face and captivating personality changes all that. Lila wants Xavier, bad boy reputation be damned. If only Xavier's past mistakes weren't also in the present. When faced with the consequences of Xavier's past, will Lila's fiery personality and fierce determination be enough to see them through?

This is a story of when opposites attract. Playboy, club owner Xavier Townsend meets introvert Lila Mitchell one fateful night at his club and it's instant attraction. Xavier pursues Lila however external forces are playing against them.

Xavier has a past that continues to haunt him. Lila is sensible and is willing to put Xavier's past behind them, even though she receives several warnings about Xavier. Gigi is the scorned, delusional woman who can't let Xavier go. Gigi goes to great lengths to destroy Xavier and Lila's relationship.

"Lila, Lila full of fire."

Lila is strong, sensible and fierce. She is able to move past her emotions and find the truth, until the truth smacks her right in the face. Even after she made an unexpected discovery she doesn't allow herself to wallow too long in self pity. It's very refreshing to read a book where from the start the lead woman is strong and self reliant. Lila pushed away her doubts and accepted Xavier at face value. In the end it's up to Lila to open herself up to be willing to trust in the truth.

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