Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review: A/awakening (The Tabu Series, Book 2) by Ava Bell

A/awakening (The Tabu Series, Book 2)

Author Emma Sparks lived the ideal life, she has two beautiful children and a husband that adores her, but something is missing. When Emma meets Markus, a Dominat, she request his help on learning more about the BDSM lifestyle, but she had no idea she would learn more about herself in the process. Her dark desires were hidden until He came into her life, and as her friendship with Markus changes into something more, she discovers who she really is and what she craves to make her life complete. Markus wants to own Emma body and soul, but Emma is afraid to lose herself and give up all control. With her sudden Awakening, Emma must choose which life she is willing to sacrifice.


This is an emotional ride. It's filled with angst, heartache and hopefully acceptance in the end. Emma's struggle is emotionally overwhelming. She has accepted her true feelings but struggles with letting go to be able to move forward. Markus guides Emma in exploring her darkest desires. He has given her freedom from herself. Markus is a dominate who wants to protect Emma however he also appears obsessed with her. I can't wait for the final book. Emma has to make a decision and either way there will be pain and heartache. Ava Bell does an excellent job drawing you into the story, I am completely engrossed.

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