Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review: Curvy Conquest (Curves Envy #4) by Scarlett Avery

Curvy Conquest (Curves Envy #4)

Candy receives an envelope from a stranger that shakes her to the core.

Her grandmother has always claimed her son’s, Candy’s dad, death had nothing to do with an accident, but without solid proof there was no way of convincing the authorities of fowl play. Now, Candy holds in her hand an incriminating letter from a person who seems to have been keeping tabs on her life.

Can she trust this woman who’s making some pretty bold allegations about what really happened on that faithful Sunday when her parents set off on their summer vacation.

Devastated, Candy to turns to her pillar of strength for comfort—alpha billionaire Max Keller.

As Candy digs deeper, she stubbles upon some shocking facts and she realizes in dismay that a few people in her close circle have been plotting against her for a very long time.

As this ordeal unfolds, Candy and Max do their best to grow their relationship, but will the crumbling weight of this horrific drama threaten what they’ve built so far?

Will Candy be able to uncover what really happened to her mom and dad and in doing so, is she putting her own life in danger in her quest for the truth? 

"You asked me to help you unleash the wild child in you. Well, welcome to the jungle."

I loved, loved, loved the conclusion to the four part Curves Envy series! Max and Candy continue to sizzle up the pages with their kinkiness. The mystery of Candy's parents death begins to unravel and Candy discovers more than she bargained for.

We return to Candy remembering more information her grandmother provided and making plans with new lawyers to continue the investigation of her parents death. While the lawyers are hard at work, Candy and Max are hard at play when they visiting Rio. As Candy states "The week in Rio is indescribable". It may be indescribable but it sets fire to your imagination. Wow, we are treated to some hot, steamy adventurous rendezvouses.

Once they return to States, tragedy strikes and sets off a series of events that will answer Candy's questions and save her life. Oh yes, the story takes on twists and turns that will surprise you in the end.

I really enjoyed this series! This is the first series I have read from Scarlett Avery and I can't wait to read more.

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