Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Torque (Redline #2) by Skye Callahan

Torque (Redline, #2)

In the dark underworld of Ashville, crime, deceit, and blackmail reign supreme. Everyone wants that little piece of leverage—that one small key to getting ahead.

Aubrey would be happy—and lucky—to simply make it out alive. After falling in debt to one of the city's most dangerous men, she found herself caught in a dispute between two brothers who will do anything to see each other suffer. Aubrey knows she's only a pawn in their game and her only hope is to find some key of her own—a way to guarantee her own safety and the safety of her family.

Colt has a long and sordid past with the criminal element. He knows how the game is played and has found himself on all sides more times than he cares to remember. Aubrey is his newest escape route, but their tentative alliance is doomed to crumble if Colt can't find a way to fulfill his end of the bargain with Devlin.

How will Colt and Aubrey handle Devlin's newest threat?

WOW! I 100% recommend you first read 'Ignition'(Redline #1). Torque is the continuation of the dark and seedy Redline Series and it's oh so good!

Aubrey is now residing with Colt. She finds herself in a difficult predicament because she's not the only one who's being threatened, her family has also been involved. Audrey begins to understand Colt's true intentions and continually questions him on all his plans. She's determine to get to the root cause.

"You don't fight to survive a fire by stoking the flames that are out to singe you."

There is much more to Colt's story. His past and his addiction has made him who he is today. He feels nothing, he has only one goal and Aubrey maybe just another pawn in his game.

Aubrey has become pretty ballsy. She's not backing down, she has more than herself to think about and keep safe. Colt reveals his true dominate, vengeful colors. He's scary in his own right, however Colt maybe the lesser of the two evils. The story is moving quickly, bringing us deeper into a dark, seedy, dangerous world. The ending is a cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what comes next.(Slightly cringing with anticipation)

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