Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review- Stoned: A Billionaire Stepbrother With Benefits Romance (My Brother's Keeper Book 1) by Cynthia Sharon

Stoned: A Billionaire Stepbrother With Benefits Romance (My Brother's Keeper Book 1)

Robert Stone.

They call him “Stone” because he’s hard as a rock.

He’s sexy, debonair and arrogant as f*ck. A sexy, dangerous rival for power in the city that never sleeps.

He sits on top of an empire looking down at the world…and now he’s my stepbrother.

Our history has been one dangerous game of cat and mouse. My business is in trouble and a merger is the only solution. I’ll be screwed if this merger falls through…and maybe even if it does.

The heat between us is unbearable. If that volcano between his legs erupts we’ll both get scorched.

I have to resist or my upcoming marriage will be shattered.

I can’t afford to get STONED.

A good start to a new mini-series.  Allison Shepard has just found herself demoted to a smaller advertising account because her last sales pitch fell flat. Allison had worked hard to climb up the ranks but one man ruined it all, Robert Stone.

Robert Stone has an over inflated ego, on top of his superiority complex. The man is truly an 'ass', nevertheless a hot ass.  Robert had recently ended a relationship with a submissive, who turned out to be 'obnoxiously greedy'. He's ready for a real, challenging woman who may also be a potential sub. He gets his wish on a trip to Vegas, where he meets the woman from who he plucked away his last advertising conquest, Allison Shepard.

I really liked that the story is written in both POV's because get to know both characters. Robert Stone is a prick, although he is a good son who takes care of his mother. He comes across as an 'ass' with a major superiority complex. Robert has begun to realize he needs more, a real relationship, a challenging woman. Allison is conflicted, her life maybe at a turning point. I'm can't wait to read what will happen next. These two are destined for drama!

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