Saturday, May 16, 2015

*****5 Stars***** Luscious (Sweet Seduction Boxed Set) by Lexi Blake

Sweet Seduction Boxed Set

From New York Times bestselling Author Lexi Blake comes LUSCIOUS, a novella set in her Masters and Mercenaries world. When Macon Miles meets sweet waitress Alison Jones, he knows she’s trouble, but he can’t imagine how her secrets will rock his world.

Another great Master and Mercenaries story by Lexi Blake. I am a huge fan of the Master and Mercenaries series and Macon and Ally are great additions.

Macon Miles was fighting a war and lost, now he's back drowning in self pity until his brother Adam rescues him and brings him home. 

Sarah Allyson Jones has lost her family, her foster brother and soon after her foster mother. Her mother wanted to know the truth about her sons death and Ally was determined to grant her mother's final wishes. When she arrives at 'Top' to confront the one person who has the answers, she discovers that her attraction to Macon leaves her wanting more. 

The story is filled with regret, remorse, heart-ache and courage. Macon and Ally struggled with their past, they kept secrets that eventually tore them apart. Ally suffered from low self-esteem because of her childhood before she found her foster family. Macon also suffered from a lack of love he didn't receive as a child. Macon was raised to play a part and when he was permanently injured his family all but left him, with the exception of Adam. When Ally starts to fall in love with Macon, she leaves her quest behind to find out the truth about her brother. She knows in her heart that Macon is not to blame. It's Adam who protects his brother by exposing the truth. Adam quickly realizes that there is more to the truth than meets the eye but is it too late? Is the damage done? Can Macon recover from the hidden secret? 

Ally is truly a beautiful woman. She's may have had a rough life but she would do anything for her family and friends. She's sees Macon's true beauty. She's loyal, non-judgmental and self-reliant. Macon was living in pain, he struggled to come to terms with his past. Ally made him face it straight on. With assistance from Sean Taggart, Macon gets his life back on track. He begins his journey to make peace with his past and most importantly Tag doesn't lose his pie maker.

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