Tuesday, April 7, 2015

****Review**** Taming Jake Wolfe by Juliette Jones

Taming Jake Wolfe

Jake Wolfe is bad to the bone. He breaks rules; it’s what he does. He uses people; it’s who he is. Occasionally he wonders what it would be like to experience some other emotion besides the crazy cocktail of lust and rage that fuels him. Mostly he just goes with it.

Zara Ashe has green eyes and an almost-perfect grade point average. When it comes to getting straight A’s at her Ivy League university, sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. As long as her virginity remains in tact, she’s willing to indulge her professors’ whims to maintain the results she needs.

But when a surly, drop-dead gorgeous stranger takes up residence in her house while her parents are away in Europe, things get complicated. Zara soon learns that Jake can provide the kind of education all the PhDs in the world won’t teach her. Will he break her in the process, or can Zara tame this badboy and prove to him that his dark damages can’t conceal his heart of gold?

*TAMING JAKE WOLFE is a prequel to JAKE (BILLIONAIRE, Book 3) which is due for release on September 1, 2015.

This a quick read about a significant event in Jake Wolfe's past. Jake Wolfe is damaged, his past continually haunts him. "Even now, the echoing memories kill me a little more, every second of the day. Small, stabbing blades of pain that never leave me. This is the reason I avoid people and mostly keep to myself." He doesn't avoid the occasional tryst with willing females. His encounters leave him feeling emptier. He's wants to "-just once- to feel some other emotion besides this twisted cocktail of lust and rage.". 

Jake's brother, Alexander, needs to move into the city to be closer to work.  He doesn't want Jake to switch schools, he is able to find Jake a temporary home with Professor Ashe.  There is only one other person living in the house, Zara.  Zara is a college student who takes part in extra curricular activities with her professors to increase her grades. Her parents are both successful professors and she uses her resources to achieve success in college. 

Jake and Zara find a connection, their brief relationship enlightens them of their capabilities. I enjoyed a view into Jake's past. He's damaged and scared.  He wants to open up, let a light shine in and Zara gives him a light. This story is how one night can change your perspective and open up possibilities. 

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