Monday, March 30, 2015

***Review*** Stepbrother Master by Ava Jackson

Stepbrother Master

Three months.

Three months trapped on a ranch in remote Montana with my mom’s latest husband … and his dark, brooding son.

I shouldn’t care that my new stepbrother’s talent with ropes goes beyond lassoing stray cattle.

I shouldn’t care that his every look says he wants me … but he’s going to fight it to the bitter end.

I shouldn’t care that as the summer rolls on, my fascination overwhelms my better judgment and now I’m dying to call my stepbrother … Master.

I enjoyed this story, it was a good mix of sweet and tempting.  Emma has arrived in Montana to stay with her mother and her future step-father for three months. After her stay she plans on teaching at an inner-city high school in  D.C. When she arrives at the mansion/ranch house she first finds herself confronted with a 'Tanned, with broad shoulders, perfectly formed pecs, and defined six-pack." cowboy. 

As it turns out he's also her future step-brother, Ford. Ford has preconceived notions of Emma, he already decided she's a spoiled 'b'. Ford is struggling with accepting his father's fiance (Emma's mother), he believes she just after his money. Although they are attracted to each other, they keep their distance from one another because they will shortly become step-siblings. Their avoidance doesn't last long till one night Emma does a little exploring and discovers her step-brother's secrets.  Their relationship steams up and they need to decide if they can make it work? Are they willing to take the chance?

Although I enjoyed the story there were some minor details that didn't work. At the beginning of the story there were scenes that were repeated practically verbatim in a different POV. It does not occur throughout the story which can fluster a reader. The story is anti-climatic, expecting more confrontation between Emma and Celeste. I did get a giggle, Ford's brother is Nixon. Nixon will be appearing in the next book, 'Stepbrother's Plaything'.

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