Tuesday, March 31, 2015

***** 5 Stars***** Review: Deviant (Deviant #1) by Jaimie Roberts

Deviant (Deviant, #1)
Most fairy tales end with a happily ever after.

This is not a fairy tale. He is not her Prince Charming about to whisk her away into the sunset. This is a story about betrayal, lust, desire and, ultimately, revenge...

And revenge can only lead to one thing.


He was my stranger, my visitor, my shadow in the corner of my room. He stalked me, watched me, knew everything about me. But all I could do was sit and wait. I waited for him to visit me night after night. He was becoming my addiction, my craving, my obsession. He knew every inch of me, but I knew nothing about him.

His calls himself Lotus and, as crazy as it sounds, I think I’m falling in love.


I wanted to take her, possess her, dominate her, and ruin her. I wanted to ravish her, please her, and consume her until I couldn’t take much more of her.

She will want me to kiss her. She will want me to hold her all night so that she feels a connection with me. I would make it so that she would seek me out in the dark. The one that satisfies her ultimate fantasy. A stranger who sneaks into her room. Someone who gives her the ultimate pleasure, but also seeks to give her ultimate pain. Pain she has never had to endure. Pain that will eat away at her until there is nothing left.

She was my nemesis, I was her lotus. And payback was a bitch.

'Deviant' is Dark, Gritty and oh so good! Dark romance is one of my favorite genres. I loved this twisted story, from beginning to end. Tyler O'Shea has a secret fantasy of having anonymous consensual relations, over a three year period her fantasy evolves. It starts off with a stranger rearranging items in her home, it develops into him visiting her at night and fulfilling her fantasies. Dean is obsessed with Tyler since they were children. He had left, moved away because his family was in danger. Now he's back, stalking Tyler. "I want to take her, posses her, dominate her, ruin her. I want to ravish her, please her, consumer her until I can't take much more." Dean has a plan and it will destroy them and everyone around them. 

The story is filled with twists and turns, consequences and heartache, and love and loss. Dean is obsessed, he's a scary stalker, he goes to incredible lengths to enact revenge and to take back what is his. Tyler was living in a fantasy that turned her world upside down. I was not expecting the ending. It left me wanting more, wanting closure. I hoping for closure in Redemption (Deviant, #2) by

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